Why is my child not achieving well in school?

Some common problems that affect learning are listed below.  I've included some parent tips which I hope will be helpful. Please do not expect these tips to make the problem disappear. 

But I knew how to do it in school!
I find that some children have diffculty recalling the steps for certain academic tasks (borrowing and regrouping in math is one biggee).  Children frequently tell me that "I knew how to do it in school" but couldn't do it at home. This problem many times occurs because the student does not organize the steps in his/her mind so that he could recall them.  The child can do it at school with teacher cues and examples (possibly on the blackboard, etc) but cannot recall the steps when those cues are not provided. Sometimes it is helpful if students are given step-by-step sequential instructions that are written and other times visual road maps help. Students should also be encouraged to say the steps to themselves rather than relying on rote memory.

She could spell all the words on the way to school but failed the test!
I also freqeuntly hear that a child knew how to spell all the words for the end-of-the-week spelling test but failed the test in school. Why?  Sometimes this occurs when the student is asked to spell the work orally at home but is given a written test in school.  Although it is a lot of work, make up written mock tests.  That is, give your practice test in the same manner as the real one.

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