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Dr. Denise Novaky, Ph.D.
NJ Licensed Psychologist #2768

699 Washington Street
Suite 101
Hackettstown, New Jersey  07840

telephone:  908.813.2455
facsimile:   908.813.2403
Providing psychotherapy to
adults and children 
for many disorders
 including anxiety and depression
 as well as
 neuropsychological evaluations 
for educational and medical settings.
Best Care Anywhere 


All the research that I have read continues to convince me that the COVID19 virus is a viable threat against which we all need to protect ourselves.  I am offering in-office visits for vaccinated individuals who agree to wear a mask.  Otherwise, appointments are provided via telehealth.  These remote sessions occur through a HIPAA compliant internet platform that is easy to use.

The major insurance carriers have all agreed to include telehealth appointments as part of the health benefit platform due to the COVID19 crisis.  I will apprise you when the situation changes.

Stay safe,

Dr. Denise Novaky

For the Google Docs brochure outlining office policy and HIPAA regulations, click the button below: