I provide psychotherapy to individual adults, children, and families for a variety of difficulties, including depression and anxiety. I participate with many of the major insurance carriers and look forward to providing treatment to you or your child.

Although I provide treatment services as the major part of my practice. I understand that many parents are confused about difficulties their children may be experiencing at home or school. 

The webpages that follow are dedicated to a specialized service that I provide: neuropsychological assessments to help students succeed in school.
I am privileged to have the best job in the entire world.  I help people cope with the problems that occur in their lives.  I appreciate that the individuals I treat describe their lives to me and invite me to understand their joys, fears, happy times, disappointments, confusion, sadness, and anxieties.  That is their gift to me and, in return, I do my best to help them rid feelings of depression and anxiety, helplessness and hopelessness, fears and regrets, worries and.....well, you get the picture.

Its the only job I ever wanted.  With luck, it will be the only job I ever work. 
It is for that reason that I am committed to providing

the Best Care Anywhere
Difficulties confronting parents and children