When children are experiencing difficulties in school, parents worry and feel helpless, teachers feel confused and frustrated, and the child may shut down, act out in defiant ways, show tearfullness and sadness, and/or try to avoid school.  It's typically a time when everybody involved wants the same thing, the child's happiness and success, but the answer seems so elusive.  Usually these are situations where the answer is not a straightforward specific learning problem; the issues are complicated and muddy.

I use neuropsychological testing instruments, in addition to the interview information I obtain from the child, the parent, and the teacher, to try and identify the problem, the cause of the problem, and appropriate interventions.

I provide first and second opinion evaluations of learning problems, attention deficits, or other neurodevelopmental difficulties.  I also provide evaluations of cognitive deficits exhibiting after brain injury.

I go with you to your child's school to help develop the best plan and school program.  We work together with your child's educators in this regard.  Educators are free to call or email me as the plan is implemented if problems arise.
Historic Hackettstown, NJ
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