Who needs an assessment?

Please come in to ask any questions about your child's functioning.  Not all problems require formal neuropsychological testing.  Examples of some problems that may require testing are....

ADHD. In order to identify how a child's symptoms of ADHD are effecting his/her learning and the appropriate ways to intervene.  The test results will help me understand your child's strengths and weaknesses as well as the ways processing problems impact learning. 

Some first- and second-grade children may experience difficulties in reading, including reading comprehension. It is important to identify these problems early rather than waiting for the child to "mature further." By about age 9, the window of opportunity for certain types of reading remediation closes due to brain growth. In these cases, other interventions will be identified.

Some children experience difficulties in written language inasmuch as they do not write enough; they do not elaborate or know what to write.

Other older children (middle school or older) may experience academic failure for the first time after stellar elementary years.  As the work load changes and the school environment demands more organization and independence, a previously latent disability may begin to surface, the student is seen as not working hard enough.