"The teacher is always telling me to write more.....I don't have anyting else to say."
Some children experience difficulties in written language inasmuch as they do not write enough; they do not elaborate or know what to write. I sometimes ask the student to just talk to me about the subject. I type out (triple space) his dictated words and we edit it together. Other times I have to ask questions to help the child organize his/her thoughts. Who,What,Where, When questions are helpful.

"‚ÄčI used to be smart.... I don't know what happened. I guess I'm lazy."
Other older children (middle school or older) may experience academic failure for the first time after stellar elementary years. As the work load changes and the school environment demands more organization and independence, a previously latent disability may begin to surface, the student is seen as not working hard enough.

Learning Problems Continued