The symptoms of some psychological disorders can hi-jack anyone's achievement.  Symptoms of depression or anxiety also include poor concentration, distraction, and low motivation.  All of these affect achievement. Symptoms of ADHD a;lso affect learning There may be problems sustaining focus, multi-tasking, organizing visual material, organizing oral stimuili, and many other components. Figuring out how your child organizes and processes information is like learning to speak his/her language.

​My child is having trouble learning to read.
Some first- and second-grade children may experience difficulties in reading, including reading comprehension. It is important to identify these problems early rather than waiting for the child to "mature further." By about age 9, the window of opportunity for certain types of reading remediation closes due to normal developmental brain growth brain growth. In these cases, other interventions should be identified.
I know my child is really smart but he/she is failing in school.
Learning Problems Continued 
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