You are welcome to have your appointment on site at our office on Washington Street.  
Adherence to the following rules are required by the Health Department.

1. Everyone in the office suite must wear a face mask for the entirety of the time they are interacting with others.

2. The 6 ft social distance should be used whenever possible. A face mask must be worn even with 6ft distance.

3. Use of the waiting area is prohibited.

4. Hand sanitizer lotion is available through a touch-less dispenser in the office suite lobby.

5. Each patient will text me (201-213-0613) from the car upon arrival to the office building.

6. As much as possible, the patient should come in alone.

7. For family visits, family members not immediately in the session should wait outside the suite.

8. Minor aged children should be brought to the office by one parent.

9.  Your temperature will be taken upon arrival with a touchless thermometer. 
      All body temperatures above 100.4 degrees F will be sent home.

9. Patients may not bring foods or drinks into the office suite.